Corporate TV / Broadproduction-Broadcast

Corporate Tv Channel /
P2P Broadproduction and Broadcast

A Corporate TV Channel could be a regulary Studio-Show or Videoblog, with special Studioguests or Coverages. The Corporate ID can be shown in Intros, Outros, Textinserts, Backgrounds and Lights, Music and Sounds. Low-threshold access to camera acting, Sensitiveness and motivation is provided by friendly Videomat-Staff, that could also be integrated in planning and developing different media channels.
In predefined pipelines from concept to realization a large company is able to regularly communicate via channels and categories, providing the infrastructure to make the data available in Live Webcasts, for streaming, sharing or downloading. There can also be cases, where a video must have distribution regulatories like secure ftp, hardsaved media or limited stream options or plays.

Marketing Usage: Social Media, Live Streaming, Business to Business Communication, Networking on Set with Studio Guests, Product Marketing, Keynote Presentations, Seminars.

Multicamera Support, Realtime Editing, Stationary, Mobile, Corporate Graphics and Backgrounds, Intros and Outros, *Teleprompter, Stopwatches or Editor Commentaries to be communicated within the set in live situations.

*Teleprompter: Reading your text on a glass screen while speaking to a Camera or looking Elsewhere / Multiple Installations are also possible.)

Creative planning and a regularily Production of Corporate Video Marketing is becoming more and more demanding to producers. Mobile or stationary Studios and highly professional and scaleable Production Environments become critical when providing a Peer to Peer TV Solution, where creativity and natural camera acting should be the main goal. When publishing videos about a company, the audience behind the screen is very demanding, as broadcast always bears the concept of its name. Therefore Videomat provides experienced show designers, editors and directors and a distribution network and pipeline if needed. We also welcome interested volunteers throughout the whole production even coming from our own clients, as this personel will further support the the concept of „the art of communication“ of a company or people like you and me.

Showcase: HAK TV Grazbachgasse producted by Mag. Gernot-Kormann Prietl 2017 with his Multimedia Class.

Studiofoto, Showreel