360 degree 3D CINEMA


The following Presentation is a Showcase Example consisting of different articles and videos on the possibility of producing 360degree 3D Realtime Digital Live Action Experiences. Visit the following Link and put your VR Googles on. Tested with the Noon VR Googles.


1,2,3,4,… cameras and 4 special lenses are needed for producing cinematic 360degree movies. Existing Laserscanning technics combined with the Unreal Engine can reproduce every place on Earth and virtualize it near pixelperfect in realtime and three dimensions. With tracking and scanning Actors, Artificial Intelligent understanding of your voice in that Program, you can find yourself in the middle of an Interactive photorealistic Film.

Envision yourself moving through an intelligent hall that can build up walls or stairs automatically to simulate different virtual Sets thoughout your filmexperience, a hall, large enough to provide your movements through the interactive film.

Photorealistic Virtual Actors play with you in a virtual reality surrounding that even provides virtual mirrors to look through and see the digitized Reflection of your own 3D Avatar.

Tiny cameras gather data of facial Mimics to animate them in realtime.

Innovations are made every day.

Storytelling will adapt.